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12 Feb 2008

Haven't written a random blog in a while so here goes...

Pure: I almost never, ever, ever, go out but the girls, my friends wife and girlfriend wanted to go to a club after golf. Mille just had a baby not too long ago so she hasn't been out in ages so it was a no-brainer decision to go. Tyson, on the other hand, needed major convincing as he hasn't been out in public without a hat on since my mother crooked Christmas dinner. In fact, the only time you can get Tyson to go public without a hat was at my wedding and also at Christmas where my mother enforces a no hat policy. Luckily Tyson has some designer hats so he was able to wear it in the club.

If I go to a club it's usually Pure. I like the vibe there and I know a guy there too which always helps make things easier. It was about 10 of us so we got a table and ended having to buy 8 bottles. That essentially means giving away a bunch of booze to any random people who want it. Ends up getting expensive, but whatever, we don't go often.

We stayed there till close and had fun. We had a few drinks after that and then crashed for the afternoon. I was a little hungover for my PokerStars VIP matches and played a little bit sloppy. Normally I try my best in those events but I definitely didn't need to go broke with K 5 sooooted on one of them.

[b}Romanian Only Tournament:[/b] this morning I agreed to play in a special $10 event with some Romanian friends. It ended up attracted over 100 players all from Romania and was a lot of fun. The chatbox, normally an English only zone, was fluttered with Romanian which I liked because it gave me an opportunity to practice my reading and writing skills which suck pretty bad. Some of the guys would correct my spelling for me which I appreciated.
Then the rail went crazy as it often does with all kinds of random and foolish talk. I ignored it for the most part, especially this one guy who kept doing this:


Then he followed that up with:


I could have just answered the question but because he was being annoying I decided not to. Eventually called me a name, and "voila' a chat ban. As a not to anyone in the future when I play micro limits, my chat ban leash is getting shorter and shorter and I will insta-ban your chat faster than you can say, WOOHOO DANIEL SUCKS!!!

Chillin' on couch: Have been doing a ton of chillin' on the couch sweating the hockey games, but mostly being glued to CNN where Barack Obama has been on fire lately sweeping the weekend. Him and Hillary are basically neck and neck now and it's all going to come down to the "powers that be" to decide which is kinda scary.

Lost: Just finished watching a marathon of season 3 last night, and wow, my head is still spinning in confusion but it was pretty cool. Now the difficult decision: watch season 4 as it happens or wait till I have all of the episodes on my Tivo... hmm, decisions, decisions.

[b[Golf:[/b[ I've gotten much worse at golf due to a lack of play and practice but I'm not overly worried. The weather has been getting better so I'll get back to it. In the meantime, I can always practice at home. I played once last week and shot 102... with 30 putts! I actually drained 8 putts from 20 plus feet. One of them a 60 footer from off the green, it was so sick. If am going to play tomorrow before heading into....

PokerVT.com: I finished my end of the launch product with maybe a couple things to fine tune. It's been a lot of time and effort but I love the way it's coming along and am very proud of the product. I've also been working on my...

Book: Good news there too. Trying to hit my deadline for edit of February 15th and am essentially there. It just needs a few final touches and some editing in some rough spots and then we should be able to hammer it our for the WSOP 2008. Not kidding this time :-)

PokerStars: Haven't played a ton lately, but did get some hours in playing $200-$400 limit hold'em, $200-$400 HORSE, and a few $5000 sit n goes with Pokst. All told we played 4 and finished 2-2 with me winning the first two.

Copenhagen: I'm leaving for Copenhagen a bit early this time which could work out well for me. I have to be there early for an appearance for my mobile poker game and then of course you have the EPT Copenhagen. Before that, though, I'll be hosting the Scandinavian Poker Awards which I'm looking forward to, it should be fun.

Cheap Thieves: Update on my true passion, fantasy hockey. My team is really on fire lately and with just 10 games to go I have the division lead and will look to wrap it up this week hopefully. My defense is weak, but Cory Murphy coming back is a big help. On offense I'm pretty healthy, with the exception of Simon Gagne who went down with his THIRD concussion. That's deadly news.

Untraceable: What a strange, creepy, but excellent film starring Diane Lane. That's twice now that Jennifer has taken me to a movie I'd never heard about that ended up being great (the first was Matrix). The concept of the film is very interesting and deals with how sick we are, and how dangerous the internet can be.

Show One Card Show All Rule: My good friend Jack McLelland is still living in the stone age when it comes to this horrifyingly bad rule. I posted a poll on two internet forums asking people if they thought this was a good rule, and close to 95% agree that it's absurd. Essentially the rule that Jack uses says the following: If you show a card at the end of a hand the dealer MUST (yes you read that right) show both of your cards to the whole table. Jack is totally on his own in regards to this rule and no competent poker player or industry person thinks it makes any sense. It's totally foolish and serves no positive purpose.

Karaoke: Almost forgot. One night this week we did the Karaoke thing with my friends and brought my brother along, who is visiting this week, which means a lot of Guns and Roses and Bon Jovi.. and a lot of schreeching, terrible singing! My brother and Sam should go on tour.

So that's that, I'm on the couch again after hitting 100 balls on the simulator. Tonight I might have the boys over to screw around, we'll see. Then at noon tomorrow, it's off to TPC Summerlin for my last round till I leave for Copenhagen.