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04 Sep 2006

Daniel Negreanu here, you know, the guy who used to write a "daily blog" on his website www.fullcontactpoker.com?

Well, I'm back after not writing a blog for who knows how long. Frankly, there just hasn't been too much to write about and I have been behind on several projects already. That, and I've been spending every minute of everyday either playing golf, thinking about golf, or playing Tiger Woods golf on my PSP.

Yesterday and the day before I played 36 holes a piece while practicing as well. I'd like to get better and I'm starting to feel much better about my game. I just need to practice being more consistent in every aspect of the game and then I feel like I'll be able to break 90. I know I have the tools, but it's usually one or two blow up holes that will balloon my score.

Hole #3 at TPC Summerlin has been my nemesis on most rounds. Making a 6 is a GREAT score for me on that hole. I usually hit a drive about 240 yards out and then have a decision on my next shot. Choice A) is to go over the "junk" to the left for a much better approach shot into the green. Choice B) is to play a much safer shot up the right side and then go over the junk on my next shot. That approach shot is also more difficult because their are bunkers below the hole and behind it.

One bad shot on that hole causes others to ensue. If I chunk a shot when going over the hazard that costs me a couple of strokes. If I hit it into the back bunker, the green slopes downhill from there for a very, very, difficult shot to hold on the green without rolling off the back and possibly even into the other bunker.

The last two times I hit three great shots and was in the back bunker. Then I hit a terrible shot, barely getting out of the bunker. Then, I totally blew a really tough put where you have to amount about 15 left of the hole. I ended up three putting for a 7, which as I said, is a lot better than the 8 or 9 I often get on the hole. Pretty frustrating hole for me.

I fixed my grip issues that I was having and as a result, I'm also hitting everything 20, or even 30 yards longer in some cases. I used to hit a 7-iron about 125-130 yards, but now, when I get a hold of it, it's sailing well past the hole, probably 145-150 yards away. A good problem to have, I just need to make the adjustment and trust it more.

I could probably write a 5000 word blog about golf, but you guys don't want to hear all about that so I will bore you no more.


I haven't played any poker at all and don't really care to. I probably won't play any poker until the Borgata event later this month. My schedule is going to start getting hectic again with travel. It's been a pretty nice stretch during the WSOP of staying home, but pretty soon I'll be all over the place again.

In fact, on the night of the 6th I'll be flying to Florida to play in Vincent Lecavalier's Charity Golf & Poker event. I plan on coming back home on the 8th. Then on the 12th I think I have something to do for STACKED, and I also have a few other commitments before then.

On the night of the 13th I fly to Toronto for a UMM party on the 14th. Then, on the morning of the 14th I'll be flying to Atlantic City to play in the Borgata event that day.

I plan on doing my best in the event, but if I happen to get knocked out before the 18th, I have a flight booked back to Toronto for Ian Legget's Celebrity Golf tournament on the 18th and 19th. I'll plan on being in Toronto for a couple of days I guess, and then heading home. I'll probably be back in Toronto again, though, around the 28th to 1st I think, I'm not totally sure.

October, November, and December just gets way more busy with trips to Barcelona, Bahamas, Foxwoods, Toronto, and who knows where else. In the meantime, I need to really get my act together. Golf is fun and all, but it is really cutting in to my writing time and I have a deadline to meet. Actually, I have several deadlines to meet, some are weekly, some bi-weekly, and some are for bigger projects.

The biggest problem I'm facing right now is the lack of desire to play poker. I just don't feel like playing right now. I stay sharp by watching loads of poker on TV, but I don't feel all that great about where my head is right now. My play at the Legends was lackluster at best. I had a few coolers come my way, but man, I didn't have to lose as many chips as I did with some of those hands.

Sometimes I really think that we get gypped with only 24 hours in a day. If we had 32 to 36 hours in each day I could get so much more stuff done. Since that's not a reality, it looks like I'm going to need to ease up on the fun stuff, and starting getting back to work.

On that note, I have a column to write...