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Daniel - Poker Journal

High Stakes Poker: Day Two

04 Nov 2005

Things started for me as they did yesterday- with me chopping away to about a $50,000 head start Then:

I had K-9 of spades, Sammy Farha had 5-7 of diamonds. The flop comes 10d-Jd-Qs giving me a straight and a back door flush draw. We get it all in on the flop for a quarter million dollar pot, and the diamond hits.

The next pot I was in the small blind with 3-4. The flop came 2d 3s 5d. I bet out about $3000 and Freddie Deeb called. The turn came another 3, but I was a little worried so I checked. Freddie bet $8000 and I just called.

The river came a 2 giving me a full house, so I bet $25,000. Freddie raised me $50,000 more and I wanted to fold, but couldn't make myself do it. I called and Freddie won with 3-5.

The next pot I was in the big blind against Mimi Tran with 6-8. The flop came 7-9-10 rainbow and I checked to her. She bet $6000 and I made it $18,000- she called.

The turn came a Q and I didn't love that card as I worried about the K-J. She bet $30,000 and I thought for a long time before deciding that I couldn't get away from it and raised her, her last $90,000. She had, exactly K-J.

I tried a bluff against Freddie with the naked ace of spades, a similar bluff to the one I got away with last time, but he called my $50,000 river bet with second pair. It was an awesome call, and in retrospect I made a mistake by over betting the pot. Had I bet something like $20,000, he may have laid it down.

I also made two weak calls on Sammy later in the evening. The first one, I had a pair and a flush draw with one card to come, but was sure I was beat. I was getting close to 3-1 odds on the call and felt like breaking Sammy might make the game better. If we were able to get him stuck, it might send him off a little bit! We decided to run it twice, but I missed it both times.

The second bad call I made was a $40,000 call on the river with a pair of QQ. I just knew Sammy wasn't lying, but lost my focus and paid the bet to see his set of sevens.

For two days now, I've been getting "cold decked" and have taken some tough beats. I'd say for 14 of the 16 hours, though, I've played great poker. I wish I could have the last two hours from last night back, though, as that's when I made the bluff against Freddie, and lost the two pots to Sammy.

The game was moving a little slowly, and there was all kinds of commotion. I think that had me "stuck and steaming" a little bit near the end and I lost my cool.

Not proud of that, but hey, I'm just being honest. I am human and feel like I have excellent control of my emotions, but everyone has their moments. Losing that many tough hands in a row as a big favorite will annoy anybody.

I made sure not to let the rest of the table know I was annoyed, as my table image had already been weakened to some degree. After all, I played lots of big pots, but over two days haven't dragged one.

I lost a few $300,000 pots and ended the evening stuck $447,100. Tomorrow is the last day of play, and I have no intention of "trying to get even." The plan is to stay aggressive, keep getting my money in good, and in the end whatever happens, happens.

I think it will all make for great TV, although itís not going to be fun reliving all of those beats! At least I know, as will any and everyone who watches the shows, that I was making good decisions. I have to take pride in that, because in the end, there is just nothing you can really do about getting unlucky other than holding your head high and focusing on the fact that you played well. Pokerís not exactly chess where the better players just always win. When the cards spit in your face, there is not much you can do about it.