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Football, Poker, and Family

26 Sep 2005

My Bills lost and that really sucks. J.P. Losman is their rookie quarterback and unfortunately he's no Ben Roethlisberger (who finally lost after 16 straight regular season wins.)

My fantasy team was in a little trouble this week also, as three of my starters had bye weeks: Derek Mason WR, Todd Heap TE, and Matt Stover K.

My QB Kurt Warner went down in the 2nd quarter and that just might cost me the game. I still have an outside shot to win if Priest Holmes can have a big day and the KC defense can keep Elam from knocking down field goals.

While I was watching the football games I also decided to play a no limit tournament online:

1) I limped for 20 UTG with 4c 4s. A middle position player made it 80, the SB called, and I called.

The flop came 8c 6s 2c and it was checked around. The turn came another 2 and this time the SB led out for 160. I wasn't sure where I was at, but decided to call and see what happened on the river. With the initial raiser checking the flop, I wasn't worried about him.

The river came the Kc, completing the flush and adding another over card. Once again, the SB led out, but this time just 220. The bet felt like a pure value bet to me. Not a flush or a full house, but maybe a pair of 99 or something. I was pretty certain I was beat.

Of course, I was also sure I was beat against Freddie Deeb on FSN, but that didn't stop me! I decided to raise it. I called the 220 and raised 800 more which left me with about 1000 if he called. Tick, tick, tick, his clock ticked down until he finally mucked his hand. Phew.

2) With Qh Qs in late position I made it 90 to go and the button called me. The flop came Jh 9s 7h. I bet out 150, and my opponent went all in for about 1300 instantly. I, of course called and my opponent turned over the 8h 9h. Wow.

The turn came the 10h and that was game over for me on that hand.

3) A middle position player limped for 50 and I limped from late position with K-J- both blinds called.

The flop came Qh Jd 10h. With 200 in the pot, the first limper bet 450 and it screamed of a bluff to me so I called the bet with my pair of jacks and open ended straight draw.

The turn came the 9d and my opponent put me all in for 1040- I called. My opponent turned over the Kd 5d giving him a free roll. He went from drawing dead to half, to having a free roll on me with the turn of a card.

The 2d on the river sealed my fate. Oh well, I played well, but was unlucky on the key pots.


Once I got knocked out of the tournament Lori and I headed over to the Lenz's house for dinner and to watch the late game. The Lenz's are a great family. Lori used to baby sit the four kids for years and they look at her like a second mother.

Josh, Nick, "Shmenna" Kennedy, and Nathan- three boys and one girl who packs a punch that puts the others to shame!

All four are such great kids and it's a testament to the job both Michael and Loren do raising them. Watching Michael talk to his kids, you learn so much about the right way to do it.

He gives them options. Tells them that he loves them constantly, and explains in detail why he's asking them to do whatever it is he's asking them to do. For example:

Michael and I were talking "grown up" stuff on the couch and the kids wanted to watch TV with is. Michael told them, "Daniel and I want to talk but we don't want to talk over the TV. I want you here with me, but if you guys want to watch TV up here you'll have to sit closer to the TV so you can hear it, or you can go downstairs and watch TV there."

The kids looked at his eyes the whole time, and soaked in everything he said. They wanted to stay with Daddy, so they watched TV a little closer.

After dinner, I played guns with the kids, did a little boxing with Shmenna, and all in all, had a great time playing with all of the kids.

You hear nightmares about what it's like to have kids, but sitting with the Lenz family you get to see why it is all worth it.


The plan for today is to veg out, do some MORE hockey research, and then look for some big poker action online if I can find it. Then tomorrow morning I fly to New York to do a show called "Quite Frankly" with Steven A. Smith on ESPN. Joining me on the show I believe, will be Chris Moneymaker, Evelyn Ng, Vince Van Patten, Jim Mcmanus. Don't quote me on that, but that's what I thought I heard.