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Golf is Awesome!

11 Aug 2005

It's so awesome to be out there again actually getting some sun. I was starting to look like a ghost and I live in Vegas!

When I got up this morning I was on the phone non-stop. Literally answering a call as I was hanging up another. I worked really hard at clearing my schedule for the day.

I did a few interviews back to back to back and made some last minute arrangements for my upcoming wedding.

By 2:30pm I was out the door and headed to Spanish Trail to meet Sam, Tyson, and Ted. We had a 3:00pm tee time which gave me a little time to hit some balls.

I hadn't played Golf with Sam and Tyson in ages. Tyson used to play me even, but he is better than me now. As for Sam he used to give me about 7 or 8 a side playing Nassaus, but I figured I'd need more than that after getting destroyed in my last round.

Sam gave me 9 a side while Tyson gave me 2 a side. We played $100 Nassaus with teams also playing hi-lo. It was me and Sam vs. Ted and Tyson which meant we'd be getting a stroke on two holes per 9 since Sam and Ted played even.

I started out rough as usual, but had my chipping and putting working to help get me out of too much trouble. In fact, after 9 I didn't lose one ball, didn't make one 8, and didn't miss one putt from 4 feet in.

A 53 on the front nine wouldn't excite too many people, but since I shot 117 in my last round I was really happy with it. Of course, that was the easy nine as the last nine was supposed to be much tougher.

By number 15 I was crushing everybody and still hadn't missed a short putt, lost a ball, or made an 8. I kept mentioning that to the guys not worried at all about jinxing myself.

So of course on 15 I hit one into the water. I was putting from four feet for an 8 and figured I might have just jinxed myself on all three accounts. I made the putt, though, and was still perfect from four feet in.

I played even better on the back nine and shot a 51 for a total of 104. Not a great score obviously, but I was ecstatic with it. When I stopped golfing over a year ago I was consistently shooting anywhere from 101 to 105, so to put up that number without much practice had me feeling like I could start improving quickly.

I won all of my bets including the team bet with Sam. From there we all went to dinner at a restaurant that Sam recommended and with me being the big winner dinner was obviously on me.

We ended up eating at a place called Paymon's, a Middle Eastern restaurant which is without a doubt my favorite food. I was in shock with the menu as it had a zillion vegetarian options to choose from. I'll definitely be eating there again.

After Golf I ran a couple errands and am back at home now doing some more preparations for the wedding. Dude, I'll be a married man in like a week! That's just too weird.

As for my match with Michael Covington (where are you Mr. Covington?) Travis hasn't heard from him at all despite leaving several messages. Oh well.

I do have a scheduled match on the 16th vs. "John Doe" which is a continuation of our pot limit hold'em match that we've already invested 20 hours into.

Other than that, some punk that calls himself "Neverwin" is supposedly challenging me to a limit hold'em match. He's on record as saying it will be easy and that he is a mortal lock. Man, kids today, lol. No respect.

Anyway, time to catch up on some reality TV...