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Taking Time Off..

26 Jun 2005

Man, so where were we? It's been so long since my last entry that I don't even know where to start. Let's start with the WSOP:

It was a tough week on that front. In the $5000 Pot Limit Hold'em event I got up to 20,000 and was feeling really good. Then I picked up AA in the blind and lost a monster pot to Gavin Griffin who had AK. That left me short and I was knocked out after the dinner break.

In the $2500 no limit hold'em event I started poorly and was down to 500 early. Yet I was still able to grind it out and get my chips up over 5000. Then I picked up QQ vs. JJ and 77. The player with the 77 had just 1100 left but the JJ had me barely covered.

The flop came 10-7-5 costing me the main pot, and a J on the turn put me in third place in a three horse race.

So on that note, I skipped both yesterday's $2500 pot limit hold'em event as well as today's $5000 pot limit Omaha event with rebuys.

I'm just not enjoying being down there everyday. The facility is awesome, but something about the atmosphere at the WSOP is gone for me. Gone forever most likely. In a card player.com interview Alan Boston talked about how the WSOP used to be a convention of gamblers. I too miss that vibe a little bit.

It seems like every other day there is a $1500 buy in event. As far as buy ins go, this might be the smallest average buy in in WSOP history. How many $1500 buy ins were there last year?

You would think that buy ins would get bigger over time, but with Harrah's taking over they've decided to add more small buy in events. It's no surprise really why they do that, but it clearly waters down the prestige of the events. Most of the events are smaller than the regular events at the Bellagio.

I've decided to change my approach to this year’s WSOP in preparation for the big one: I'm only going to play when I really want to. So while I plan on playing tomorrow it'll all depend on how I feel when I wake up. If I'm not gung ho about playing, I'm just going to sleep in.


As for the match with Barry Greenstein, we've played two sessions of our fourth match, the Stud H/L. In the first hour of the match I was winning about $300,000 and after 13 hours of play I'm still up right around $300,000. In that time I’ve never been trailing- not even for one hand.

Not sure when we will resume playing, but when I know, there will be updates in the General Forum at my site www.fullcontactpoker.com.


NBA FINALS: After my exit from a tourney the other day I headed over to ESPN ZONE to meet with E-DOG, Josh, and the boys to watch game seven.

Almost everyone in the bar were rooting for the Pistons, but they blew a nine point third quarter lead and then it was all San Antonio from there.

After the game, Lori and I played some games upstairs. Anything from racing games to the football throw.

At 10:30 we went over to the Comedy Stop at the Tropicana. Lately it's been hit or miss there, but on this night all three comics were good.


On the day I got knocked out of the no limit hold'em event with the QQ I headed home waiting to see how my friends from Toronto did in the tournament.

My best friend Regev (from the Israeli game) was in town to play the event along with another friend from Toronto, Steve G.

They both made the dinner break, but were busted shortly after. The plan was to hang out at my place and "catch up."

We played some Golden Tee, NBA Showtime, etc. but most of the time was spent in the backyard just chillin'. Later, more of my friends dropped by. Sam, Tyson and Ted all dropped by for a drink.

Travis and Lori were both there too so the house was pretty full. Regev fell in love with my massage chair and I think I know what he's getting for his birthday!

Once some people started to take off, those that remained decided to play a freeze out. Sam, Tyson, myself, Steve G., and of course Travis.

Sam had absolutely no patience whatsoever and was out quick. As for me, I got dealt 99 in the big blind and moved all in on Travis' button raise. Of course he found two aces and busted me.

In the end, Travis made quick work of Steve G. heads up and pocketed the $500 first prize... nice work kid!

After that, since we had a group of Mille players in the house we switched to Mille. This game is too much fun. I've explained the rules in a past blog, and it you haven't played it yet you just have to try it.

I was partnered up with Steve G. and we smoked Sam and Regev. By the time the Mille game was over it was already bright outside. At about 8:00am we were back to chillin' in the backyard. I didn't get to bet until about 9:00am, but I had a great time with the guys.


I spent most of the day doing absolutely nothing. Lori was watching TV and I was surfing the net a little bit. Well I guess I shouldn't say I did nothing, because I spent a lot of the day cleaning the house.

Later that night Lori decided she was going to go see Star Wars III and I ended up going with her. She'd already seen the movie, but liked it so much she wanted to see it again.

I wasn't in the mood to go see the movie, but I'm glad I did. It was pretty good. I wasn't a big fan of episodes I and II, but III was very cool.


Today I have no clue what I'm going to do. I'll most likely spend the day catching up on work stuff and if Barry gets knocked out of the PLO today I might continue that match. We'll see...