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Tying up Loose Ends

03 Jun 2005

June 1st:

12:00pm- A private meeting with some important people in the poker world on the west side of town. Also, Lori had to make it out to the airport for a 2:45pm flight back to Grand Rapids.

1:00pm- I finally make it to the meeting that is scheduled to go all day.

2:00pm- I have to leave the meeting to head to the Wynn for a 2:30pm video shoot. I get there right on time and shot a few short clips.

3:30pm- I head back towards the west side of town to the Lotus building where ESPN radio was doing a poker broadcast. There I met with Robert Williamson III and Alan Boston who is a regular on the show due to his sports handicapping. We are on air live until about 5:00pm.

5:15pm- I head back over to the original meeting to try and catch the tail end of it. I get there in time to catch the second part of the meeting.

5:30pm- While still at the meeting I totally forgot about another scheduled radio interview with NPR (sorry guys).

11:00pm- I finally leave the meeting. I stayed late to get caught up on what I missed and it was all very exciting stuff. Sorry I can't share more, but it's all very "hush hush."

11:30pm- I play four games of Golden Tee, two games of NFL Blitz, and one game of NBA Showtime.

1:00am- read a little bit of a book I've been reading called Season of Life. Very cool book. Lori's dad got it for me and since it wasn't too long or intimidating I pushed it to the top of my long list of reading material. I'm glad I did.

3:30am- Lights out.


June 2nd:

11:00am- wake up for a radio interview.

11:15pm- hang up the phone and go back to bed.

12:00pm- Another interview with the a new radio show called Lost and Found on CBC Radio.

12:30pm- An interview with the Windsor Sun, a local newspaper that is running my syndicated column.

1:00pm- call Jesse May and let him know that I'll be late for my 1:30 appointment to do his new show called "The Poker Show" which you'll be able to find on www.cardplayer.com

2:25pm- Push back my 4:00pm appointment with a production company back to 5:00pm.

2:30pm- Finally make it to the studio one hour after my scheduled appointment. There I did the show with Jesse May as host, Evelyn Ng who will be working with them, and Padraig Parkinson who from what I can tell appears to be Jesse May's "Ed McMahon" except a lot skinner and a lot funnier.

4:00pm- leave the studio and head back to the Wynn for a 5:00pm meeting. Evelyn asked for a lift home, and a wrong turn on the I-15 had us going about 10 miles out of the way.

4:45pm- I call Jeff Shulman who I was scheduled to meet at 6:00pm and push that back to 6:30pm.

5:00pm- I got to the Wynn just in time to make my next appointment. That goes till about 6:00pm when I realize I need to head over to the Rio. On the way there I was on a conference called for about 15 minutes.

6:30pm- I meet with Barry and Jeff Shulman at the Rio to talk shop.

7:00pm- I head down to the convention center where the tournament was being held. Thank goodness I bought in early as the line looked to be about a two hour wait. Looked around the venue and was in awe. Wow, the facility is top notch in every way. Good job Harrahs, it's about time the World Series of Poker is held in a classy, upscale venue.

7:30pm- The plan was to head straight home and prepare. Then I run into someone that I needed to speak to about some other business and that went through 9:00pm.

9:30pm- Arrive at my mother's house to pick up my dog Mushu. My mother cried since she is getting really attached to Mushu. You know what that means... Mushu might be getting a playmate real soon.

10:00pm- Too late for a haircut so that will have to wait. I head home and do some studying. I watched the WPT Invitational which Alex Brenes won. Yesterday I watched the WPT LA Poker Classic and was REALLY impressed with the play.

The Grinder, Hung La, Harley Hall, Erick Lindgren, and Ted Forrest all played pretty awesome. I felt like Haralobos was the only player making major errors. I've hung out with Haralabos before and he's never come off as annoying as he did on the show. I couldn't bear to watch him as he was really getting on my nerves with his condescending comments towards the Grinder. I'm assuming he was a little nervous with all of the cameras around and this being his first experience with all of that. He's not a bad guy at all, but man did he come off bad on that show IMO.

12:00am- Write blog to keep everyone up to date.

The plan for the rest of the evening is simple. Read a little bit more of that book A Season of Life which is based on a true story about a football team from Gillman. Total feel good story so far.

Then tomorrow morning the plan is to wake up at 10:00am if possible. "Try" to swim a few laps, drink some fresh juice along with a solid breakfast, get my necessary gear together (I-POD, food from Mommy) and then head to the Rio at about 11:45am. See y'all there...