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Daniel - Poker Journal

The Calm Before the Storm

19 Apr 2005

I woke up late again today, and if I have any worry at all about day one it's that I wasn't able to get my sleep schedule right before the event. I finally got up at around 1:30pm but in order to be in top form I'll need to be up by 10:00am tomorrow. I think I'll be able to do it though since I plan on reading myself to sleep by about 2:00am.

When I got up today I got some work done on the computer tying to tie up some loose ends since I’ll be impossible to get a hold of this week with the tournament. I cleared my plate of all important business and am looking forward to a week of intense focus.

At 5:30pm I got my hair done and the hairdresser ended up telling me all about her deadbeat boyfriend who just won't get off of his lazy butt and get a job! What normally takes 45 minutes, ended up taking two hours!

I had a 7:00pm meeting over at the Wynn but since it took two hours to get my hair cut I ended up at the Wynn at around 8:00pm.

Wow. That pretty much sums up what I saw today over at the Wynn. The poker room is beautiful, as is the rest of the casino. I felt like a kid in a candy store walking through the casino, it is so cool!

From there I stopped off at my mother's to pick up Mushu and also grab a bite to eat over there. My mother's new house is way nicer than mine, go figure!

So now I'm at home just getting ready to go to bed. I feel great. I think I've done the best I could to prepare for the event and will have no excuses. I'm as ready as I'll ever be.

This doesn't really belong in the blog exactly but I wanted to clarify a few things about my association with the IPA. Initially I told them I could help them out by being on their board of directors for a players association they are trying to form. It didn't seem like a big deal to just say, "Sure" but then I realized that I needed to give it more thought since my "Sure" could, or would lead people to believe that I'm supporting their cause and thus influence their decision to join. It was at least important for me to understand what they stand for before lending them my support.

I heard from several people that they were approached to join the association and were given the assurance that I gave the IPA my stamp of approval.

At that point I realized how important it was for me to take it more seriously. Well, after doing my due diligence, I do not support them and will not become a member. I'm afraid that there interests aren't in really looking to help the players form a players association, but that they are more interested in group licensing agreements and looking to negotiate those agreements on the players behalf..

I already have an agent, who I trust and respect wholeheartedly. It didn’t help that the IPA group talked badly about my agent that they know I respect. Telling me that Brian made a “horrible deal” for me, or saying that “He just doesn’t know” wasn’t the way to win me over.

No one in the world understands the market for poker player sponsorship better than Brian Balsbaugh. It's simply not possible. He has been at it for well over a year and is bombarded with calls on a daily basis for his group of players. In dealing with Brian, I never once felt that he was incapable, dishonest, or irresponsible in any way. He is the consummate professional. I’ve watched him do business and he is always genuinely respectful and everyone leaves the meeting feeling positive about it.

I spoke with Brian and he pointed out some of the inconsistencies in what was being said. For example, I was told by the IPA group that, "Group licensing happens in every sport. That's how it's done."

Then I later learned that that's not how it's done at all. In individual sports like the PGA Tour or even Nascar, the players don't have a player's union that promotes group licensing.

Brian isn’t the only person I spoke to. Others who’s business ethics and savvy that I truly respect echoed similar sentiments.

In closing, I think having a players association is a good idea and will happen eventually, but I don't support the IPA's efforts to profit from the players group licensing deals.

So if you see my name on one of the brochures, or are told that I am on board, rest assured that that's simply not the case.