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On the Road Again

18 Feb 2005

Well I'm supposed to be in Los Angeles tonight but I'm at home in bed in Las Vegas right now. I wanted to take a late flight out to Burbank but the best I could do today was a 1:20pm flight.

The night before though, I had a meeting (of sorts) at 12:30am with Steve Lipscomb at the Bellagio which made it difficult to get packed and tie up all of the loose ends that needed tying before I left Vegas for a while.

In brighter news, I'm getting much better at Golden Tee! Actually I'm not so sure that's good news since spending what little free time I do have on Golden Tee can't exactly be categorized as time well spent. Oh, the game is fun ok!

Throughout the week I've had all kinds of meeting and what not, same old, same old really. Well all except for one extremely bizarre moment yesterday. After a lunch meeting with some of the new Wynn staff I headed to the parking lot when two Italian men drove by and called out, "Exusa me, you Italian?"

"No, I'm not Italian." I replied.

"Oh because you look Italian in the face I thought maybe you are Italian."

"Well, nope, I'm not Italian. My parents are Romanian and lived in Italy for a year. My brother married an Italian, but no I don't think that qualifies me as an Italian." I said a little puzzled and unsure of what they wanted.

"Ok can I talk to you something?"

"Sure, you can talk to me something."

"My name is Eduardo and I go back to Italy tomorrow but I have some clothes and I cannot take them back with me because I have to pay tax for them and I no have de money for dat. I work for Armani (at this point he shows me his Italian passport and a business card that says he works for Armani) and I have something I want to give to you present. Free."

This was straight out of a Godfather movie. Two Italian dudes trying to "give" me some free stuff out of the back of their car. Curiosity got the best of me so rather than run off I had a look at the merchandise. "You touch that leather, it's good quality." Eduardo said.

He then proceeded to hand me two bags full of leather jackets! I was like, "So you want to give me this stuff? You mean, you just want to give me all of this for free." I was baffled.

"You look like nice man in the face I like to do for you a favor." he assured me.

"Ok, I guess I'll take them." I said hesitantly. I'm not that much of a sucker, I knew that since I was doing some random stranger this favor he was going to let me know what I could do for him.

At that point he said, "Now if you do one favor for me. Me and my friend we lose $6000 in the blackjack last night and we need to pay for the rent for de car. I show you the bill." He pulls out a piece of paper that says Dollar Rental Car on it, "You see Dollar Rent de car."

I see that they owe $422.67 for the car and decide to be a nice guy and give then $500 to help them out. "Oh you so nice man." he then proceeded to give me a big hug (he's European that's normal there). "Now maybe two hundred more eh? For help us for food ok?"

Well now I'm starting to feel like I'm getting hustled but it's so comical that it isn't bothering me at all. I'm actually curious to see where this whole ordeal is going. I give him the $200 and figure that's the end of it when he opens up the trunk and hands me two more bags full of leather jackets! At this point I'm thinking, you've got to be kidding me.

"$400 more please for food yes?" he inquired. Maybe I am a sucker after all since I gave him the $400. He then goes to the car and says something in Italian to his friend. When he got back from his conversation he gave me the old, "$100 more for the driver eh?"

I almost starting laughing out loud right then and there. Instead I said ok to the $100 but that would be the last of it. He gave me another big hug and thanked me again and again and went on his way. So now I have a closet full of Italian leather jackets that don't fit me. Talk about surreal.


Speaking of Surreal I ran into Peter Brady (from the Brady Bunch and Adrian Curry (America's Next Top Model) the night before at Piero's while I was there for a business meeting. The night before I was watching Surreal Life on VH1 and the two of them were fighting. Looks like the ending is kinda spoiled for me (and now you as well) since I saw them there together.

I actually did a commercial with Peter Brady (I forgot his real name sorry) for WPT opening night on the Travel Channel a few years back. The commercial was introducing three new shows: The World Poker Tour, Jim Rose's Circus, and Map to Stars Homes. Guess which one made it?


Tonight I worked on my Card Player article (way late again), paid some bills, and starting packing for my early flight tomorrow. I'm a "list guy" and when I'm going away for so long I need to make sure I'm not forgetting anything:

1 Pair Sketchers Black
1 Pair Louis Vitton Black
1 Pair Bernini Beige
1 Pair K-Swiss White
2 Pairs of Socks Beige
7 Pairs of Socks Black
7 Pairs of Sock White
14 Pairs of Underwear
2 Pairs of blue jeans
2 Pairs other color jeans
I Pair of sweatpants and sweatshirt
5 T-Shirts
1 Pair of black jeans
1 Beige Suit
5 Poker Mountain tops
1 Orange sweater (it's the new black :-)
3 Striped dress shirts
1 Black mock neck sweater
4 Various tops
2 Hats
2 Belts

1 Phone with Charger
1 Secret item
Poker Vitamins
Valet Ticket (left my truck in Burbank)
Books + Magazines
Camera + Charger
Leather Jacket

That might seem like a lot I dunno, but it's better to have options I always figure.

My flight leaves at 11:45am (no delays hopefully) and gets into Burbank at around 12:50pm. That will give me enough time to head to the Wyndam for a quick shower and then over to the Commerce for the 3:30pm start time.

Not the best way to prepare for a tournament probably, but I'm not too worried honestly. I'm kinda hungry to get back on the road and play some poker!