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60 Minutes, the PPT, and 200 e-mails

19 Nov 2004

So last night Jennifer and I flew into Hartford at around 10:30pm. We had a limo picking us up but we couldn't find him. Finally we realized that he must have been waiting for us at the baggage claim. Neither Jennifer or I checked a bag though since we wouldn't be staying very long.

Finally I found the driver and he told us that he parked the car across the street. I thought about asking him to go and get the car and pull it up in front of Baggage Claim when I saw him take a step. He couldn't really walk.

He had a cane and a wicked limp. Asking him to run across the street and get the car because we didn't want to walk that far now seemed horribly evil! Honestly at that point I wanted to say, "Give me the keys buddy I'll go get her."

He waddled along with us and about 15 minutes later we found the limo. He apologized for the fact that he couldn't walk very fast, so what was I supposed to say? Excuses, excuses? Hurry up slowpoke?

Would you believe me if I told you that's exactly what I said to him? Of course I was just being playful and followed that up with a, "I'm kidding of course. Take your time we are in no rush really."

When we got to Foxwoods I didn't need to check in. Call me moronically wasteful but I didn't bother to check out when I left on the 16th. So I head straight for my room to check for any important e-mails. I got one from the WPT giving us some important points to bring up during our 60 Minutes interview.

I finally got to bed around 4:00am and had to be up by about 7:30am so I could get into make up by 8:30am. I snoozed till 7:57am but still made it downstairs just in time. Why do we put ourselves through that torture every morning? That snooze button only adds more stress to our lives, "9 more minutes, I know I can fit in one more snooze." That never works for me.

A quick powder job on the nose and I was ready to meet Dan Rather. Chris Ferguson, Jennifer Harman, and myself were all seated around a poker table while Dan Rather sat in the dealer chair asking questions.

60 Minutes is the nuts. I'm actually a big fan of the show and Tivo every episode. The questions Dan Rather asked, and the way in which he asked them were very impressive. I've done millions of interviews, but this one had an aura of professionalism that was unparalleled to any I'd done before.

He kept all three of us involved, and we covered a myriad of topics in that hour. After that I was free to veg for an hour. Jennifer on the other hand wasn't so lucky.

After her 60 Minutes interview she'd have to head straight to her PPT interview. Once she was done with that, noon would roll around and it would be time for her to win the inaugural PPT!

Casey Kastle was the first to go in sixth place. With five left the following hand came u:

Jennifer limped in for 6000 in late position with K-10 of hearts. In the small blind, Dan Harrington made it 22,000 more with 88. Jennifer called and the flop came perfect: K-Q-2 with two hearts!

In other words, Jennifer couldn't lose... unless an 8 hit on the turn or river without a heart. Dan moved all in on the flop and Jennifer called. Boom, turn 8 of diamonds! Yuk. The river was a red three but the wrong red three and Jenn lost a huge pot.

Her last hand went like this: Five left and John Juanda made it 35,000 to go on the button. With about 160,000 in chips in the BB Jennifer moved all in with A-J. (this will be a quiz question soon wink ) John called and turned over the AK. No Jack for Jenny and that was that.

So with little left to do I decided to tackle some e-mails in my room. I think I got through about 200 today and am almost done. For the record, if you do e-mail me I hope you all understand that I can't pay detailed attention to each and every one.

In fact, while I read all of them I set up a few auto responses to help me deal with strategy related e-mails or e-mails where people are looking for specific help. I try to be as helpful as I can, but the number of e-mails I get these days is truly overwhelming.

As a side note, if you want to increase the chances that I answer your e-mail in a personal manner, try "short and sweet".

Anyway, I have an evening to kill here in Foxwoods and plan on getting some much needed relaxation in. Maybe catch a movie and put my brain to rest. Good night. Spiderman 2 or King Arthur....any suggestions?