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Ok, I officially hate flying...

07 Nov 2004

So I have an 11:30am flight to Boston today to do some media related things to help promote the new PPT. I was out of the house and at the airport by 9:45am.

There were lines out the door and it became obvious rather quickly that there was no way I was going to make this flight. Good news is I have my laptop with me so I can sweat the fantasy football.

I am having the most unlucky fantasy season imaginable. I'm in one those head to head leagues where you play one of the other teams. In the first five weeks I had the second best total for the week twice, the third best total once, and the best total twice. Overall my team scored more points than any other. So I was 5-0 right? WRONG! I was 2-3. How sick is that.

So now Randy Moss gets hurt, Todd Heap is still out, and my quarterback throws three touchdowns a game... only they are interceptions that the other team returns for a touchdown.

Well now I sit at 3-5 and have a hugely important game. I'm playing against Erick "E-DOG" Lindgren this week and we have a $50,000 side bet on which team ends up with the better record. Erick is 4-4 so I just can't lose this week.

As it stands I'm down 73-46 but I have two more players left than he does which will make it close.

But anyway, back to missing this freakin' flight. Oh man am I pissed. I picked up Jennifer Harman this morning as she's flying with me. If it was up to her we would have been waaaay late. As it turned out we were like 5-10 minutes late. So in other words, if it wasn't for her I would have made the flight. Arrrgh, women! angry

So now I'm stuck here at the airport as the next flight doesn't leave till 4:00pm meaning I'm going to miss an important meeting in Boston tonight. The worst part of this whole process is that I was running around like a chicken with his head cut off last night trying to tie up a bunch of lose ends before I left town for almost two weeks. I ended up getting a grand total of two hours sleep... nice.

So excuse me if this whole journal is on the cranky side, but... well, I'm pretty cranky right about now! This isn't how I envisioned preparing for two big tournaments back to back.

Oh, and I miss my dog already, he was so sad when I left I almost didn't go. Normally I take him everywhere with me but that would be just too much travelling for him. I'm doing Boston, then Foxwoods, then Toronto, then back to Foxwoods, and finally back home. Plus I think he gets depressed staying in the hotel all day by himself when I'm playing. Still though, it sucks not having my Mushu around...