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Survivor: Heroes Vs. Healers Vs. Hustlers Pool

26 September 2017 - 07:02 PM

Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers

I can't believe they are on season 35! Anyway, late notice but let me know if you're in. 18 contestants so we need 9 players.

Just reply that you're in and before showtime we'll do the random draw.

$25 for 2 contestants, I'll ask for payment after we have enough players.

- Governator
- king_tanner
- Dubey
- Ottawa_Biatch
- SAM_Hard8
- Babying
- dna4ever
- gruven

Big Brother

21 July 2017 - 09:02 AM

What are your guys thoughts on this season so far?

I think Kevin is hilarious, love the way he carries himself. I can't stand Josh and even though Paul is playing the hardest I find him irritating and annoying as hell. If I had to make a prediction, I'd say Matt is going to float his way in to the top 5 and become the favourite to win when there is less people to carry him.

Survivor: Game Changers Pool

07 March 2017 - 06:16 AM

Hey Everyone,

So tomorrow night is the Survivor opener, I know some of you have been anxious to get the draft going and I'm sorry it's late.

There are 20 contestants, that means 10 entries for 2 random picks each. In the event we're short a player we'll let others buy a second entry.

Entry is $25

Prize Pool $250

1st Place: $200
2nd Place: $50

In the event of a tie in votes between 2nd & 3rd they will share the $50 and get their money back $25 each.

So far confirmed:

1. Governator
2. king_tanner
3. Dubey
4. Ottawa_Biatch
5. Sam_Hard8
7. gruven
8. Babying
9. brvheart
10. Ottawa_Biatch #2