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In Topic: Survivor Tuesday

Today, 07:10 AM

 digitalmonkey, on 17 January 2018 - 05:10 PM, said:

Winner gets $500

Hmm. Chop?

In Topic: Las Vegas Golden Knights

Yesterday, 02:29 PM

 bigguyren68, on 17 January 2018 - 11:11 AM, said:

Big game for the Knights tomorrow night.
4 point swing game vs Tampa Bay in president trophy race.

Logically speaking an extended losing streak has to come. But this team defies logic

In Topic: Survivor Tuesday

Yesterday, 02:28 PM

 Babying, on 17 January 2018 - 07:45 AM, said:


Come on go till the end

I have no idea what we are playing for. But I figure since I have no shot. A chop is plus ev

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16 January 2018 - 09:26 PM



In Topic: The Official Lethbridge Golden Seals Thread!

10 January 2018 - 04:16 PM

Kevin Lablanc is awesome..Also a very nice guy.