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Final Table Replays With All The Cards Face Up

21 February 2017 - 02:38 PM

hey fcp!

you probably know about PokerStars replays. but imho they're very undervalued. These replays have a lot of educational potential, because you're watching best players playing in today games. But watching it is very entertaining also and that's why i decided to start a topic in General Poker Forum instead of Tournament Play. And some final tables are extremely funny to watch :D

So, you can watch these replays directly from your PS client, but there are a lot of disadvantages:
  • they're starting not from the start
  • you can't pause it or rewind
  • you have no information about tournament payouts
  • you have no information about player bounties (in KO tournaments)
  • they're available for a limited amount of time in PS client
but fortunately for us (poker players) there are good people who spend their time to record, edit and upload there replays on YouTube. There are couple of this type of channels on YouTube but i prefer and recommend this one: Series Player (link - http://youtube.com/seriesplayertv). the reason i prefer it: this is the only channel with player bounties (at least in recently added videos) and payouts, plus it has some additional info in the end (like top50 finishers and tournament lobby screenshot with tournament ID).

in this topic, it'll be nice to hear your thoughts about replays in general and let's discuss the most interesting hands from specific replays. hopefully, author of this YouTube channel will upload weekly replays (Sunday Million, Super Tuesday, Thursday Thrill) on a regular basis and we will have what to discuss :D

PS. as an example of what i'm talking about, check out Sunday Million (Feb, 19th) replay. here's a link - https://youtu.be/rkljxMTWd9M