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In Topic: Thoughts On Pokerstars - Critic And Feedback

01 March 2017 - 03:11 AM

What I want to point out with the last two sentences, the typical affiliate program is getting destroyed.
The concept of here read some content, get some coaching and you will be able to beat the fish.
you just gonna hurt the casual players because their main profit comes from fish.

Also most people are not going to be totally unaware and uninformed.
Many already saw poker on tv or read about it in the internet, even if they don't apply it they will know what odds are and how to judge hand strengths.
Plus they going to improve eventually and you got to give them a chance to build a roll to move up.

The goal can't just be everybody plays even or close to even, just produces rake.
Because then you just will get people playing lower and lower.
What leads to all stakes being tough and no one investing anymore then the minimum.

But I think they just realize there is no profitable future for online poker and it's going to go down anyway.
So they decide to milk it as much as they can and turn Pokerstars into a online casino where poker is just one game of many.

In Topic: Thoughts On Pokerstars - Critic And Feedback

25 February 2017 - 09:16 AM

I don't know the details so its just a assumption on that part but I just don't think Fulltilt was worth 900 Mio at that time.
I just feel it is somehow like they bought a wrecked car, sure you can try to fix it but it will never be the same again.
Also you will have an item that is almost identical to that what you already posses, what makes it even less beneficial for you.

On the case of casino, I don't think that both work together as a single brand, Partypoker tried it and it didn't really went that well.
The concept is different, in poker you compete with other players and in regular casino games you are playing against the house.

On the subject of protecting weak players, they didn't do it in the past and it just worked fine.
Making changes like this is going to influence the game to much, it is going to change the balance and the ecosystem.
It just changes the entire game, if you mess with the edges people have.

A average or let's put it better, a decent player should be able to beat or make a profit against a bad players.

I mean it is just going to result in creating tougher games for everybody.
Even if you would find a way just to protect the fish and do not affect any other players, you will get a chain reaction, because everyone is linked with each other in some sort of a food chain.
And it will be most significantly be affected the people on the bottom of it, who have already just a thin edge.
That will just lead to the fact that you would need to have a big amount of luck or a ridiculous edge on you opponent to make a decent profit.
What won't be the case for a vast majority of players.

What I meant with people don't want to lose, if you already know that you got to play better than 99 % of the other players to make a profit, that 95 % of the players are losing and the rest is even,
Then it's going to be hard to convince you to make a deposit or a significant deposit, because you feel like there is almost no chance of making a profit but it's almost certain that you are going to lose your money.
I mean the vast majority of the people deposit because they think there is a chance to win, that if they play the right way, put effort into it and improve their skill they can make some profit.

Just for example let say someone you tries to getting started and puts some effort into improving his game, even gets in some theory behind it.
Then goes to play, hits the tables and then can not even beat horrible fishes, they won't stay long and won't talk positive about their experience or recommend it.