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In Topic: Thoughts On Pokerstars - Critic And Feedback

22 February 2017 - 03:10 AM

Software-wise, I really can't have that much of an opinion as I never really got to meet FTP in it's glory days. But at the time they aquired FullTilt, it's software and the company wasn't a competitor to PokerStars as FullTilt was already dead...

Concerning the removal of Supernova Elite... I don't think the removal itself was the issue. It was aboout the way PokerStars decided to proceed. Of course, I understand the position of the affected players and I think they didn't deserve this. But, at the end of the day, PokerStars is still a company and they can adjust their strategies accordingly.

In Topic: Thoughts On Pokerstars - Critic And Feedback

20 February 2017 - 05:37 PM

Alright, I'll give it a try.

1. Aquiring Full Tilt

First of all, don't judge this move by just comparing how much PokerStars had to pay versus how much the company worthed. Although I'm not a marketing expert, I assume that this move was an a marketing one, an advertisement of PokerStars. As you said, the image of online poker had been seriously shaken, and many people had probably decided that online gambling was not worth the risk. PokerStars made sure that the feeling of security of those players was rebuilt. And guess on which platform they would choose to continue playing? That's right... Plus the players that had not yet entered online poker, plus the general image of an ethical, economically healthy and a players-oriented company, with of all of it's potential benefits.

2. Coping the partygaming business mode

Online gambling such as slots, blackjack, roulette etc. is a guaranteed profit for the provider. As long as poker players "give it a try", the company makes profit. Plus, not everybody knows or wants to play poker. Many would just hang around the casino games, which is, as said before, guaranteed profit. Plus these players who are probably bad poker players will definitely, at some point, give poker a try. Which is beneficial to the poker ecosystem. And that leads me to the last topic...

3. Protecting weak players

As you said, nobody wants to lose money. If they continuously and rapidly lose their deposits, they will at some point decide that enough is enough. So less pots will be played and less rake will be going into the company. "The major key to get people to deposit are regular winning players". I have to disagree with that and with your overall thought process. Not everybody plays to win. Many recreational players (that's why they're called this way), who make up the largest percentage of the player pool, play first and foremost to have fun. If they break even or at least manage to hang on their deposits for a while, they will definitely continue playing. And guess what? More cash game pots and more players in a tournament equals more rake. Good players will still win. Probably less, but they will still book a win at the end of the day. Bad players will still be bad and lose, but those players would lose no matter what. In my opinion, I applaud PokerStars for their later changes and I hope they will "bring the fun back to online poker".

In Topic: Trying To Make A Living Off Of Poker, Any Chance?

18 February 2017 - 07:05 AM

First of all, I think you have misunderstood how the game of poker works. Being good in poker, even being one of the best players in the world cannot guarantee you a profit. Poker is in it's base a mathematical game, where players compete against other players and money flows from one player's pocket into another's. Now... If you want money to flow into your pocket, you have to be a better player and make better mathematical decisions. You don't have to be good. You just need to be better than your opponents. If you put the best in the world in one table, money will, of course, come and go around the table, but nobody will leave the game with a profit. Poker is way more solved than it was in the past. You may, as you say, read strategy articles, watch videos, play poker and analyze hands but there are many other inspired players around the world that will do exactly the same. Information is all around the internet, anyone with an internet connection can follow the game just as you. Now, I'm now saying that being a professional poker player these days is unreachable, because it is. Harder that it was in the past, but is still is. The question is: can you put in the effort and probably find out it is still not enough? Can you get that extra edge?

I'm not trying to discourage you, I'm really not. My opinion is that you develop your character as a whole. Get educated, get a job, make relationships, find hobbies, grow as a person. And, at the same time, nobody says you can't play and study poker. If you find that you have what is takes to be a pro, then it's your choice. But don't just rely on poker solely, especially in this age.