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Did I Play This Correctly?

14 January 2017 - 01:37 PM

Final Table, 8 players left, I'm 2nd in chips with 80,000. Chip leader has around 150,000.

Blinds are at 1500/750+ante's.

Chip leader in middle position raises to 5,000, 1 guy calls and it folds to me in the cutoff and I re-raise to 15,000 with pocket Aces. Everyone else folds and it's back on the original raiser. He calls and the 2nd guy calls so he's all in now.

Flop comes: 6 10 4 rainbow.

Chip leader raises to $30,000 little less than 2/3'd of pot.
Actions on me and I think for a second and go ahead and shove with around 55,000 praying he doesn't have 10's.
He insta-calls and shows pocket 10's.
His 10's hold and he takes me out.
Should I have played this hand differently? Is there a better way to play it? Should I have shoved pre-flop?

I haven't been playing NLHE very long, only around 15,000 hands.
So any advice on this hand would be greatly appreciated.