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24 November 2016 - 07:27 PM

Main thing is how to avoid the situation in the future, so that you don't have to worry about how to react. My response would therefore be, before going all in (or calling an all-in bet), ask for a count of how many chips the opponent has remaining. Then any improperly hidden high-denom. chips will be known to you (and yes, the black chip was improperly hidden, but I think the burden is on you to discover that - although, esp. in tournaments, dealers will sometimes ask players to stack their chips properly in that regard).

I've been burned in the same way, and also argued that the hidden chip should not play, and also lost the ruling, hence the advice above.

As for rule books, a poker room may or may not have a rule book, and even if they do, they may or may not provide you with a copy -- and worst of all, the supervisor making the ruling may or may not rule according to the rule book, or correctly, or, sadly, even consistently if the same situation arises again.

I always am somewhat uncomfortable in a poker room where everyone knows each other, even if I have no basis for suspecting collusion. Supervisors should not, but nevertheless may, rule with a bias toward regulars.

I'd look for a larger poker room where there are a lot more non-regulars such as yourself; better chance there of being treated fairly. In the particular situation, the ruling could have been the same anywhere.

Incidentally, etiquette is to "go all-in", not to "put [the other player] all in". Small point and not about the rules or the ruling.