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Math And Strategy With Holdem

19 November 2016 - 05:12 AM

here i want to talk about raising hands like TT+...

BY the way they say you dont know how to play jacks

because Jacks are hard to play...lol...i got a solution

for that....

now a days everyone knows this 1/221 is AA

so KK+ is 2/221
so QQ+ is 3/221
so JJ+ is 4/221
and TT+ is 5/221

so all this means
KK+ =1/110.5
QQ+ =1/73
JJ+ =1/55
TT+ =1/44.5

so at a 10 handed table
it goes like this...(9 players + you=10 players right)

9/110.5 =1/12 for KK+ for someone to have you dominated
9/73 =1/8 for QQ+ for someone to have you dominated
9/55 =1/6 for JJ+ for someone to have you dominated
9/44 =1/4.88 for TT+ for someone to .....

so lets go over this

1 raiser and 4 callers
i say make your discision based on original raiser...

because with alot of callers and no reraise
the callers probably dont have a big hand...

So focus your math on original raiser try and pick up
tells on him...

after you decide if the original raiser is strong
by the stats you got above...

so 1 raiser 3x bb + 4 callers and blinds =16.5 bb

in the pot...so if i have TT+ here on Button or sb or bb

and i am almost last to act...

If I really feel the original raiser is weak
and the game usualy goes like LAG(Loose Aggro) during the session.

i feel like if the the hand can be won preflop
for 16.5 bb, id raise it pot 1/2...

reason is i dont want no one to call i just want
to pick up the 16.5 bb in the middle...

why you ask...here s why, if i do this twice a week
at the end of the week at a 2-5 game its like 82$ x 2=
164$ a week or 164$ x 4.3 =705$ per month

705$ with no rake cuz its preflop...
lets say this works every time...
this move pays for an apartment in montreal easily...

i know this wont work every time but be really carefull

with this move, with TT JJ QQ but with KK+ just do it
every time with 16.5 bb in the middle...
if you have TT-QQ take your time evaluate all tells
(betting patterns...LAG,LP,TAG game strategy also comes
into play and physical tells)

So good luck at the tables...

In the futur i want us to discuss more moves like this...

i will post more on the matter

Thanks for writing back in the thread IamRaplika