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In Topic: Math And Strategy With Holdem

25 November 2016 - 06:15 PM

i have another math and strategy tip for you guys....

my goal if people chip in replies and help my
threads become popular,is too post more tips.
So the people of www.fullcontactpoker.com can learn
from me. but i dont want this to be a one way thing...
I ask for you people too contribute...

Be it with a story about a play i wrote about
on my tips...successfull or unsuccessfull .Or even
you may disagree or agree tell me why...

I want us to get better at the game as a whole...

ok all these are not base strategy but strategy add ons..
A kind of arsenal we are building for cash sng or mtt
hold em games...

i want too become good in all games so feel free
too post about other games in my thread....

Ok we all know their is 6 combos for every pair right...

AA - 6 combos with all 4 aces availible in a holdem game...
6 combos amounts too 1/221 to have aces

But lets say i have AK
their are only 3 aces left in the deck right...
what are the chances of me being dominated by aces
or even kings(3 kings left also)
in the whole at a table of 10...

3 aces left in a deck amounts to 3 combos
3 kings left in a deck amounts to 3 combos

so i have AK the chances of me being dominated
by AAs and KKs is 6 combos or 1/221

++ lets add QQs which probably dont fold
in a 2-5 game if i put out a reraise...

so the chances of being dominated is 1/221.
the chances of being called 1/221 by QQs.

so 2/221 =110.5

at a table of 10 people or 9 villains

it goes like this


so 11 in 12 you wont be dominated nore called probably
when you have AK...

so in a LAG game. the trick is with AK is too reraise between
1.5x too 2x pot.
Why so much you may ask... simply because AK is not
a made hand and is a drawing hand and in a LAG game
you want every one out...

ex: sb + bb + 3x raise + call + call + call +call
as in previous example in a 2$-5$ game...

so thats 82$ and you reraise too 1.75x pot =143$...

assuming this works every time and fails once

the math goes like this

82$ x 11 =902$ that you pick up

143$ x 1= 143$ that you loose

so 902$ - 143$ =759$

so lets say you pull off this move 3 x a month
you ll make 759$ every 4 months

for a grand total of 2277$ a year.this is with out
rake may i add...

Thanks for reading please help make this thread
a thread too learn from each other and contribute
with your critics and real life examples of these plays....

:icon_think: have fun at the tables

In Topic: Math And Strategy With Holdem

19 November 2016 - 05:17 AM

If you feel i made a Math mistake plz tell me
i m here to share not everything is going to be perfect....

but i m here too teach and learn from you people also.... :icon_surprised: