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The Trump Presidency Thread

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Posted Today, 03:15 PM

View PostBalloon guy, on 25 May 2017 - 01:55 PM, said:

Did you love Trump embarrassing the NATO members for being dead beats?

If you look at the nations that are >2% they are either propping up their own arms industry (US, UK, FR), or their economy is going in the shitter so fast they can't keep up with their own budget cuts (Greece). Germany has been slacking but they've also had to carry the financial weight in the EU. Admittedly Canada is pretty far behind but that's as much about dithering on weapons programs, etc...

I think it would be much more reasonable to have a nation effective combat rating that scales with population rather than a number that scales so much with the economy. And yes, some fudge factor what incorporates nation of sourcing.

ie: if Canada either buys a Frigate from the US for a $1b or they make the company build it in Canada for $1.5b. They have the same combat strength....
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Posted Today, 06:48 PM

View PostBalloon guy, on 25 May 2017 - 01:18 PM, said:

Irrelevance... I don't think you know how to properly apply that in real world settings.

I'll help.

Leftist Democrats are becoming so much in the minority that am overwhelming blitzkrieg of media help was unable to elect the first woman leader who had a massive war chest, a talented team, ground game, rigged primary, and was feed questions in advance for town hall debates.

She lost to a loud mouth pompous reality show star who everyone knows is really dumb and probably not even rich.

That's how irrelevant your side had become.

My side is in charge, enjoying the screams, and using the tears to wash our over cooked steaks.

Enjoy playtime.

Again with the need for validation. Yes, your side is in charge for now. I'm happy to sit back and watch Trump continue to fail at every turn. He's exactly the motivation/help the Dems need to get their shit together. I'm the first to admit the Dems have a lot of problems, but our base isn't one of them.

I'm sure your base of old, white, racist, Reagan lovers is very sustainable in a country that is growing increasingly diverse. 61.6 percent of the population is now white and that number is going to continue to decline. And with it, your party's relevance. Virtually every race outside of whites overwhelmingly favor Democrats. Keep hitching your wagon to the white evangelicals though. I'm sure that religious reawakening you need is right around the corner.

Can't say I'm shocked that you can't see the inevitable. Keep throwing out your Hitler references and fake news accusations and we'll patiently wait as your party crumbles.

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Posted Today, 09:22 PM

View PostFCP Bob, on 25 May 2017 - 01:34 PM, said:

When somebody is doing a terrible job and screwing up left right and center do you think the coverage should be 50% positive and 50% negative ? If you are reporting the truth it should be fair but the balance will come from how the subject is actually performing.

Hey look at all the weight that people in Venezuela have lost over the last year because the country has a massive food shortage, think about how good they'll look in their bathing suits this Summer.

I see. So you're under the impression that the news media is a great paragon of fairness and that what we're seeing is simply reflective of 'reality' rather than any kind of ideological agenda, so long as it's negatively reporting about Trump? And if someone is reporting in a balanced way on Trump, that itself is reflective of 'bias' because since anyone with a brain knows that Trump is bad, this means that 'bad stories' are 'fact' by default?

Trump is the first president to cause full left-wing meltdown (ala Nixon) in the information / hyper-partisan age. Bush didn't even come close, nor did Reagan. What we're seeing now is somewhat similar to what Hussein did to the right but many, many times worse since mainstream media is a left wing institution. The media apoplectics we're seeing directed towards Trump are absolutely reflective of deliberate narration MUCH more so than cool, level-headed, objective reporting of objective fact. That doesn't even exist on cable news anymore and hasn't in most major market newspaper for quite some time.

This isn't to say that Trump doesn't **** something up so badly that he steps on his dick and it all comes crumbling down. The thing with Comey could be major, he might not fully understand that the world of government isn't the world of business and you can't smooth shit over there like you can a land deal gone sideways.
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