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Can u actually makemoney playing online?

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Posted 17 December 2004 - 05:49 AM

rkard said:

eric1971 said:

It is too early in my online poker career to say whether I win consistently or not, but in 4 months, I have built up my bank role (from $50) enough to play 5-10. Personally, I would avoid no-limit cash games unless you have a huge bank role to absorb the large swings. (And the mental toughness.) If you must play no-limit, start with the $5 SNGs. That is how I started.
I'd just recommend playing the $25 max buyin NL 6 max games at party.The buyin is for .25/.5 normally it's $50 but party has half max buyins so if you lose a buyin you're not losing a fortune. I think a fine guideline is to have 7x-10x the buyin (of standard maximum buyins) so $500 for the $25 at party. That said back when I played those stakes I was only on $200 but even then I was an educated player.I play NL, PL and limit, mostly the former two. Yes, there are swings, but there are swings in fixed too so, as long as you're within bankroll guidelines and of sound mind you should learn how to cope with it. Beware though, if you genuinely can't find enough courage / heart to play No Limit you should just stick to fixed. Try to play at least a thousand hands before you let NL scare you off. Also, find a reason for it being "scary" and try to solve it.
I have played much more than 1000 hands of no-limit. I just feel that it is easier to make a consistent profit playing limit. When playing no-limit, the importance of being able to put a player on a hand goes way up. I find that very hard to do with so many “any two cards can win” types playing online. Perhaps I need to work on my no-limit cash game skills, but for now I am content to turn a regular profit playing limit.

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Posted 17 December 2004 - 08:03 AM

It's more of the sort that 1 mistake in NL can cost you your whole stack, whereas 1 mistake in fixed will just cost you another bet (variance is the name of the game!). Right now I can grind in a slow 2-4 bb/h playing some fixed tables or go rushing on the NL tables and win a whole lot more. In NL i've got more control of situations, I can run my stack up without getting particularly good hands. In a short handed NL game I'll win more than if I played a short handed fixed game. I think it's a case of exploring an aggressive style of play which you need for NL most of the time. In a way, being aggressive makes it easier to read other peoples hands. Most of the time you don't even need to put someone on a range of hands, you'll just know immediately that they're weak and will fold to a sizable bet. The "any two card can win" theory probably hurts fixed more than NL as people are more inclined to call knowing that the next bet will be the same size each and every time. In NL you've got to put your opponents on the spot as much as they'll be scared of playing pretty much all of their hands cause theres the possibility that they'll be unsure and faced with an all in decision.Yes, it is harder to learn and improve as a no limit player. Some people should stick to fixed but some need to realize the diff, in NL most of your pots won't lead to a showdown and will be smallish. In fixed most of the pots you win you'll need the best hand cause you'll be taking it to the river. That's what great about poker, there's a type for everyone. I must say that BB / h at NL has always been excessive in comparison to fixed.
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