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I Called In Sick Today

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Posted Today, 07:14 AM

Women, I値l never understand one.

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Posted Today, 08:13 AM

View PostInternetExplorer, on 22 April 2018 - 06:20 AM, said:

Nothing. She is doing whatever she can to avoid talking about the elephant in the room. We hung out for like an hour last night. It's a complicated and boring story.

Congrats! Should lock you in for another few years?

yeah i figure that'll get another 2-3 out of me to burnish the resume. i figure people leadership is a highly transferable skill set.
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Posted Today, 04:23 PM

I feel like I disappointed Uncle痴 Ronnie and Hank this weekend but I hope they understand.

Went to a dude ranch outside of Phoenix for a bachelor party. Got in Thursday morning and we were more less the only guests on Thursday. We went for a trail ride and then spent the rest of the day drinking by/in the pool.

Friday more guests started showing up but there was still only like 20 guests total and we were 9 of them.

We did the morning ride and did more pool drinking. A friend of ours is very social and was chatting up these two 60+ yr old women. They also had a small poker tourney that night that I did not win. First place was all $$ entry and a $50 certificate for the ranch. My buddy won and we just gave the prize pool to the dealer. All $10 of it.

Saturday was a big cattle drive that had us riding most of the morning and finishing up around 4. They let 50 head of cattle out in one of their 1,000 acre pastures and we broke up in groups to find them and then 電rive them back to the ranch where we had a little cutting competition. My horse was a great trail horse but a terrible cow horse and we didn稚 win the competition. Dinner was a steak cookout followed by a band. They also gave out a few fun awards for the day, none of which I won. One of the owners did take me off to the side and to tell me he could tell I was frustrated with my horse in the cow event but it was obvious that I knew what I was doing and was a better rider than most of his wranglers.

Most of these wranglers were all old dudes who had stories for days. One of them was that he was working a ranch near the Grand Canyon when his boss told him to stay away from a certain part because Pamela Anderson and Kanye West were filming a music video so of course hitched up a wagon of horses and headed over. He said Pamela loved it while Kanye was mad as hell and wanting to fight and so he called him a hard R n word and then things got awkward on the trail ride.

Back to the band...By this time we were all pretty gone and the 60 yr old women were starting to get handsy and seeing as how I was the only single guy there they were trying but I declined. My friends weren稚 happy with me either but I just couldn稚 do it. I also don稚 like being told what to do. There was a pretty younger lady there that was the GM of a ranch in Idaho that one of my friends talked me up to and we had a few dances but nothing came of it.

My friends went on some hike this morning that I didn稚 go on because I would have died. Then we packed up and my plane is now taking off.

All in all it was a great time. All the food was awesome and the staff loved us and the place is BYOB so we didn稚 even have to spend a ton on booze. Would highly recommend a dude ranch bachelor party if I had any friends that weren稚 here this weekend.

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