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Today, 04:58 AM

Remember that there is no need to worry about how many games your farm players have now played. Playoff games don't count as games played and that farm players can move back and forth between active roster and the farm with no need for them to stay on the farm for any period of time.

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Today, 04:52 AM

I will post the draft order and lottery odds either tonight or Wednesday and I should have an updated draft picks and money page done at some point on Wednesday.

I plan on doing the draft lottery on Thursday night at 8PM Toronto time in Slack. It's best to get it done early this year I think. I'll be reaching out before 8 to some teams to help me with the random draw.

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Today, 04:48 AM

Remember for the playoffs that our tie breaking procedures are different. We only have OT and no SO.

You can post your overtime order in the forum for that. If you don't post an overtime order in the forum it will be your forwards in order and then your defense in order when you post your lineup.

Also remember that for Overtime assists and goals are valued equally.

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Today, 04:45 AM

st Round Playoff Dates


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Today, 04:44 AM

Shack Conference

Championship Playoffs

#1 Shoot Loose - Bye
#2 Canadian Gothic - Bye

#3 Red Ravens vs #6 Mustangs
#4 Underdogs vs #5 Magically Delicious

Reject Cup Playoffs

#7 Puck Warfare vs #10 Cheap Thieves
#8 Winning Combination vs #9 Steelheads

Williams Conference

Championship Playoffs

#1 Shortstackers - Bye
#2 Swackers - Bye

#3 Big M's vs #6 Scarborough Shooters
#4 Whalers vs #5 PK Dealers

Reject Cup Playoffs

#7 Broadway vs #10 Greaseballs
#8 Eagles vs #9 Ingmen