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In Topic: How Do I Become A Successful Online Poker Player? Seriously...

08 March 2017 - 12:12 PM

I found watching YouTube videos of professional players helped me understand poker a lot more and observing the table after folding on my hands helped, too. I.e. when you're in the middle of playing a table and you fold your hand, instead of just spacing out on your phone or getting the attention of a waitress for a drink I'll observe the players that are still finishing up their hands and watching how they hand certain hands. Did the bluff? If so, what were the facial expressions and movements they were making at the time they were bluffing and use it to my advantage on the next hand.

I also spend my days reading tons of books on improving my poker strategies, there are a plethora of great books on amazon along with various poker blogs that share great advice, I've been visiting various sites for some new tips plus other websites. There is a world of tips/tricks/strategies out there just waiting to be soaked up to improve poker hands. I think I'm becoming a poker nerd with all the reading I'm doing but there's no limit (pun intended) to the amount of useful tools at our disposal that are needed to become a pro! :icon_surprised:

In Topic: I've Got A Serious Dilemma...

07 March 2017 - 01:39 PM

The first thing I would recommend is to have patience. You're putting too much thought on being the next big poker star that you may get in over your head and make minor mistakes just because you're trying too hard. Studying everything you can on poker and playing multiple tables at a time will not make you a pro. Too many people run themselves ragged trying to turn this game into a full-time career and things go the opposite. My brother quit a really good paying job because he was winning a lot of money, more money than he'd make in three months of his regular salary, after a few good hands (he IS a very good poker player) things went downswing and lost all of his money and was left in a terrible losing streak. A losing streak with a job is better than a losing streak with no job and failed pipedream.

Be patient. Don't begin practicing signing autographs until you have this game fully mastered beyond winning the game for a few short months. I wish you the best of luck!!!

In Topic: $50 To $1,000

06 March 2017 - 01:04 PM

I know this thread is old, but a lot of beginners can get sound advice from this. I started out similarly. Don't give into the temptation or the intimidating urgings of others to jump stakes; you've got a good solid plan!

In Topic: Ignition

05 March 2017 - 11:29 AM

The same processing as Bovada and the cash out is not a problem. I play a lot of their sit and go's.

In Topic: Daniel's Youtube Channel - New Videos Every Week

04 March 2017 - 03:55 PM

Thank you for sharing all of the video links. I need all the help I can get because lately I've just been in a poker fog where my losing streak is beginning to cause me to take a leave of absence from the world of poker. The last time I took a much needed break from playing poker I came back refreshed and entered a winning streak. I'm going to check out these youtube videos.