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Daniel Negreanu inducted in to the Poker Hall of Fame
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$100K WPT Alpha8
Daniel Finishes 3rd for $640,000

Watch The Final Table of PokerStars Shark Cage Season 2
Daniel Takes Home $966,000!

2015 WSOP $10K National Championship
Daniel Finishes 6th for $63,647

2015 WSOP $10K Main Event
Daniel Finishes 11th for $526,778

2015 WSOP $10K Stud Hi-Low
Daniel Negreanu Finishes 3rd for $113,062

Daniel Negreanu inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame
Congratulations Daniel!

GPI Player of the Decade
#1 Daniel Negreanu

2013 Card Player of the Year
Canadian Pro Captures His Second POY Title This Decade

Daniel's Interview With Bluff Europe

Spin and Go to Barcelona!
"... Barcelona is awesome..."

Was it easier to make a living in poker in the old days?
"... My thoughts on this topic that was discussed on Twitter... "

A Statement from Howard Lederer
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More Free Poker Lessons
"... Going over last week's Twitter poker questions..."

More Poker Twitter Questions Answered
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PokerStars Rake Increases
"... Where you take the biggest hits."

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Daniel's Schedule

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Daniel Negreanu's 2011 WSOP Results

WSOP $10,000 Main Event
211th Place, $47,107

$5,000 No-Limit Hold'em Six Handed
20th Place, $24,942

$1,500 No-Limit Hold'em Shootout
59th Place, $5,423

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Daniel Negreanu

Toronto-native Daniel Negreanu is arguably the most successful poker tournament player in history. His passion for poker and his knack for reading the reactions of others have landed him atop the highly competitive world of professional poker. Otherwise known as "Kid Poker," Negreanu is a light-hearted, popular player, respected for always telling it like it is and dominating the various styles of poker he loves to play.